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“Heartfelt letter” of an “MCMS old lady” on Women’s Day - Heartfelt letter - old lady - Women’s Day

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“Heartfelt letter” of an “MCMS old lady” on Women’s Day

03/25/2016 09:07

 “The office seemed to be too silent in the morning but I still kept a small hope that something special would happen on the Women’s Day. I talked to myself quietly: “There are 5 guys in the office; I should hope for the best. Who knows what they might do. It’s absolutely normal to be hopeful on “the day the women fight for their position”.



Surprisingly, when coming back from lunch, we saw all the men being wrapped up in decorating the office. It was so funny watching those guys running around. One short guy arranged chair to stand higher and hang colorful balloons while a tall one standing on the ground handing him tapes. One secretly wrapped gifts in the meeting room but.. leaving the door open. Others extremely concentrated on their drawings. Everyone is busy with his own work. Looking at those cute boys, I really felt the warmth in my heart.






Even the office was shortly decorated during lunchtime; it was still fancy for me. The girls were so happy that they selfie (and wefie) all the time.

We didn't know about their plan but it was easy to guess. When the clock ticked 5 pm, all the guys were very hurry to bring out everything: sweets, flowers, balloons and even a “stage” for performance.


All the cute boys gathered like a choir singing a song about the Vietnamese women and dancing. Some were confident; some were so timid that they even forgot the song lyrics. Some even held a lyrics paper but still could not sing. I guess it was because they were too nervous of their first time on stage. All the audiences were extremely excited as if they were in a very huge concert. All the cameras were clicked continuously. I bet those boys thought they were superstars since they had a lot of fan girls around.

Foods, flowers and gifts games are more than what we expected. We were overexcited even when most of the gifts were the same (and some even still having price tags). We were so moved by what the guys have done for us thus we could not say anything else but “Thank you”. Saying goodbye to come home with a lot of housework waiting but today we did not feel stressed like normal. 


I felt so happy inside as I belong to the “long-hair gang” (even when I have short hair sometimes. Haha).


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