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MCMS Culture

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It’s not a closed space covered by soulless glass windows, neither an individual corner isolated by separated walls, nor specific work repeated day by day, it’s our “My Color - My Space”!

A typical working day at MCMS starts with plentiful sources of energy inspired by the sunlight dancing over the tree branches. Located on the third floor of a building in the very center of Hanoi, our charming garden of lovely flowers is an ideal place for you to fully enjoy the first 10 minutes of a working day with a cup of coffee, silently breathe in the cool fresh air, and look at the contrasting picture of the very “Hanoi” street corners over the balcony. Just that, like a simple yet colorful picture, this space is wide open to nature which comforts and wakes up your creativity.

There is nothing comparable to our affection for flowers, thus, there is no surprise that you can easily find flowers here in every corner: in the working room, on the walls and windows, at the cafeteria and on the balcony...

If you ever think of smile and laughter as difficult to find in an office, you would definitely change your mind when you pay us a visit.

Instead of repeating boring works, just like an automatic machine programmed to be switched on and off, we love to observe, create and discover new things. With everyday passing by, we attempt to enhance our experience, improve our knowledge and challenge all the limitations of creativity. The sense of accomplishment of each project we have been involved in encourages us to overcome our own shadow.


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Romantic balcony with beautiful flowers and sunshine
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Flowers in every corner

Tiredness is not defined in our dictionary. Just close your eyes, turn on the manual music-box in front of the sofa, let your imagination soar, you will soon be inspired and motivated.

One of the most comfortable workplace full of joy and laughter
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Do things no one has ever done before

Think big, dream high, and fly far away…