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MCMS is a young organization founded in 2012 led by a foreign-trained director, senior level advisors accompanied by a team of 15 dynamic and creative junior staff members specializing in advocacy, public relations (PR), graphic design, concept, branding, and online marketing.

Since its inception, MCMS has quickly gained a reputation as an agency that delivers. It has been entrusted to work on large-scale projects by organizations and government agencies including Unesco, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), the EU, the City of Hoi An, Thang Long Citadel, VPBank, FHI360, Winrock International, Kim Dong Publishing House, ESRT and the American Red Cross...


Our belief is that life is like a series of boxes in which human beings experience their emotional chords. Some are closed or open, others are big or small, joyful or sad, monotone or colorful, and there are humorous or creative minded boxes.

Regardless of what type of box they happen to be in, everyone strives for new and better things. We are no different. However, instead of throwing away old things and starting over completely from scratch as other people often do, we take what already exists and find out the best way to make it unique and impressive.

The same philosophy is applied when we provide consulting services on communication and brand development strategies as well as when we design creative products. Taking into account the current environemnt and context, we use an analytical and creative approach to offer you ideas and solutions to help build your brand beyond your wildest expectations.